Equity Financing

More than thirty years ago, First Capital began providing equity capital to developers of affordable and market rate housing. We have raised and provided more than $50 million in equity capital for the construction or rehabilitation of fifty eight projects in eight states having a replacement cost in excess of $250 million. We provide investment opportunities to sophisticated high net worth investors and a well structured equity package to reduce risks to lenders. We have never had a forclosure on any of our syndicated investments.

First Capital has substantial experiance with numerous types of affordable and market rate apartment complexes. We have provided equity capital to projects which rely on government and private mortgage financing programs as well as those employing tax exempt bonds, low income housing tax credits or historic tax credits.

Some of the services we provide include

  •  Strategic planning and financial product design
  •  Analysing a project and its financial returns
  •  Negotiation of arragnements with a seller or developer for the aquisition of equity interests in a project
  •  Private placement of recognised interests through a network of financial industry professionals

Please contact us to learn how we can be a source of equity funding for your real estate ventures.