Advisory Services

First Capital Corporation through its affiliate, Assisted Housing Advisors, LLC, provides advisory services to owners of multifamily housing properties.  Our services include the restructuring or refinancing of the mortgage debt on a property as well as actions to improve its revenue and reduce expenses therby increasing its value. Some of the types of properties and programs we have been involved with include the following:

· HUD Mark Up to Market Rent Increase
· HUD Mark to Market Green Initiative
· HUD Mark to Market  Full and Lite Mortgage Restructuring
· FHA 223(a)(7) and 223(f) Refinancing
· Tax Exempt Bond Mortgage Financing
· HUD Section 236 Decoupling
· AAF Rent Increases
· Transfer of Physical Assets (TPA)
· Renewal of Section 8 HAP Contracts
· Section 42 Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

Please visit the Case Studies section of our web site for specific examples of these activities and representative transactions.